Outstanding Satellite Uplinking

Our Ku-satellite trucks are designed for your high profile sports, news, corporate or government events covering the West. We get your content up on the bird no matter what.


State of the Art

Pacsat Plus has stayed ahead of the technology curve, offering the latest generation of encoders and modulators.


When you book a Pacsat Plus truck you are guaranteed redundancy on a well maintained vehicle.


Known for their attention to detail, Pacsat Plus caters to your needs from first contact to satellite goodnight.

25 Years of Excellence

The right team for the any uplink job

Rod Kelley

Uplink Engineer

Maintains a professional broadcast standard and brings top level service to every client every day.

Bill Kelley

Uplink Engineer

Failure is not an option. Bill delivers when reliability and multi-path transmissions matter.

Still Not Convinced?

Pacsat Plus's extensive list of features.

Broadcast Transmission Services
Ku-Band Uplink Trucks

Ku Uplink Trucks

IP SAT Uplink for WiFi & Cellular Event Support

Satellite Transponder Space Domestic USA and International

Venue Fiber IXC Transmission Services & Management

Teleport UpLink/DownLink Turnaround Services

Format conversions, IP encoding, Closed Captioning, etc.

Combo Production/Uplink Truck

Streaming Transmission Services

IP SAT Uplink Vehicles for Live Streaming

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